All of our services are strategic and comprehensive. They include our strategy, expertise, experience, and skills in order to provide you with exemplary results. I’ve been a blogger for over 10 years, and I’ve grown my email list, as well as developed and launched an online course. In addition, I have extensive experience with creating and using WordPress websites.

Our team brings a unique combination of tech abilities, a strategic approach, an eye for design, and strong communication skills. If you are interested in working with us, it’s vital that you complete an application today. We have limited availability and take a limited number of projects each month in order to adequately serve our clients.

See below for all the details!


What if you could grow your business without being bogged down by the details? We’ll help you implement all your big ideas and make sure nothing is missed in the process.

We provide full-service online business management services that will free up your time so that you can focus on what you do best. We use our tech skills to help maintain, update, or make changes to your WordPress website. We have a systematic approach to make sure the content you create gets published (and looks good) every week. We use our eye for design to create beautiful landing pages in WordPress or ClickFunnels. We bring our strategy and understanding of social media to make sure your content gets promoted and your email list grows. We’ll use our love for the English language to edit content and write social media copy.


  • Tech
  • Design
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Social Media Copy
  • Social Media Management
  • Content publishing (blogs, podcasts, etc)
  • Email marketing support

Does not include:

  • Long form copy (blog posts, sales pages)
  • Facebook Ads (available separately)

Pre-requisites: An established business with at least 1 stream of income and a willingness to entrust a large segment of their business tasks to our team. Clients must be open to regular communication and strategic input from us.

Pricing: Packages begin at $750/month for 15 hours


Pinterest is one of the most powerful search engines available on the web. Are you taking full advantage of it? With this package, you’ll get a complete overhaul of your Pinterest account including an automated plan for your Pinterest account to help you save time and gain traffic. 

Our Pinterest Makeover service can help transform your Pinterest account into a traffic-generating machine.


  • Assessing your current traffic sources (using Google Analytics) and tracking progress during the Makeover
  • Cleaning up your Pinterest boards
  • Updating your profile and board descriptions to include searchable keywords
  • Creating customized graphics for your own content that will make people want to save and click them (leading to more traffic)
  • Installation of social sharing plugin to increase your social shares from your website
  • Researching group boards to join in your niche and requesting at least 5 for you to join
  • Setting up and automating your daily pinning to your own boards and group boards to help generate ongoing traffic to your website

Prerequisites: Your own content (recommended to have at least 10 pieces of content) and a desire to increase traffic to this content. Must be open to regular communication and strategic input from us.

Pricing: Packages begin at $500

*Ongoing Pinterest Management is available after a Pinterest Makeover is completed. 


We specialize in helping business owners develop and/or grow their email lists. This package is customized to the specific business. We will help you design and create a plan to grow your email list, and then we’ll use the most effective tools to do so.

Includes: Strategic plan to grow your email list; setup of email service provider (if needed); creation and design of opt-ins; landing pages optimized for conversions; and welcome sequences.

Pre-requisities: An established business and a desire to have access to more potential customers or clients at your fingertips. A willingness to communicate and work collaboratively on this project.

Pricing: Packages begin at $500


Facebook Ads are one of the most, if not THE most, effective forms of advertising online today.  With a list building Facebook Ads campaign, we will:

  • Create a strategy to increase your email list
  • Design ads that will get your ideal client or customer’s attention (including graphics and copy)
  • Research and set up audiences, testing your ads to several different segments of people
  • Deal with the tech of setting up the Facebook pixel so that we can accurately track results
  • Monitor and optimize the ads to make sure you’re getting the best results possible

Pre-requisites: An existing business with a Facebook advertising budget of at least $500 per month and a desire to grow your email list. A willingness to work collaboratively and accept our expertise and oversight during the project.

Pricing: Starts at $400 for a 30 day campaign


This package is perfect for an established business that has been operating primarily offline. We will help you create a plan to get your business online and increase your visibility so that more of your potential clients and customers can find you and hire you. This package is also available for someone who is starting a business and has a budget to create a professional online presence from day one.

Pre-requisites: The willingness to work hard, accept strategic input, and collaborate! Must also have a budget to create your online presence.

Pricing: Starts at $1500

Working with Esther and her team to create blog articles from my weekly Facebook Live was such a business builder. Now I have articles for my website that connect my LIVE video sales training to multiple platforms, not just Facebook. Now I can multi-purpose my one sales training on Pinterest, an email to my list and on my website.

I am so grateful for the professionalism, speed, and flare of their words. They did SO much more than translate or transcribe, they created. The results were so beneficial for repurposing content and the growth of my business! Renee Hribar

Owner, Renee Hribar